About Me

I created this blog to share my individual interpretations of traditional, and some non-traditional, dishes that I hope you will agree are uniquely different.

For me, the first step in the process of creating a recipe is Discovery – that is thinking about something that evokes an emotional response within you. It may be a scene from your childhood, a memorable vacation or time spent with good friends. Many of our memories involve food, so we then think about the meals that have become markers for those memorable times.

Next, I Deconstruct the dish, determining the flavors that made that dish so unforgettable. What ingredients produce those tastes? What methods would have been used at that place and time?

Then, I wonder what Deviations would serve to enhance what was already there without losing the original appeal of the dish.

Last, I consider the changes to the actual preparation that would be necessary to make preparing the dish Doable in my kitchen.

Then it’s on to the real test – making it and actually serving it to real people. The dish is considered a success if it can be made the way I envisioned it, tastes the way I envisioned it, looks the way I envisioned it and real people enjoy eating it.

Sometimes the Discovery step begins simply with a traditionally accepted approach to cooking a dish to create a unique recipe. Sometimes it begins as an inspiration by or an adaptation of existing recipes from other sources. Credit will always be given to the originator of any unique recipes whenever available. And sometimes a recipe will arise from a need. I may have an ingredient on hand, or just see something at the market on which I want to base a new creation. I’m also hoping that my readers will make requests for a recipe with which they are struggling. I invite other readers to share their own triumphs.

I have enjoyed cooking for most of my adult life and find it irresistible to take a good dish and change it into something exceptional. My hope is that what you see on this blog is the evidence of a whole lot of love and respect for the art of cooking good food. I look forward to your comments, constructive criticisms and accolades!

Happy Cooking and Eating!


  1. Nice Ted, very nice!

  2. can't wait to try some of these recipes

  3. Ted, how did I not know about your food blog? I love it! Check mine out! (Keith says hi.)